Anti-wrinkle injections & DERMAL FILLERS



Anti-wrinkle injections are commonly referred to as 'Botox', short for Botulinum toxin. This is a naturally occurring protein that causes the muscles of the face to relax, consequently smoothing out wrinkles. It is the UK’s most popular cosmetic treatment for the removal of wrinkles.


Anti wrinkle injections can be used cosmetically to relax wrinkles and temporarily lessen the appearance of lines on the face.



If you are considering an anti-wrinkle treatment, you must ensure that you only do so with a Medical Professional. 

Botulinum toxin is a prescription only drug and should only be administered by a MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL who is trained to perform the procedure safely. You should make sure that you have been made aware of all the relevant facts, including potential risks and complications, before proceeding with the treatment.