Dermal Fillers & Anti Wrinkle Injections

Dr Marina

Dr Marina Daoud

Dr Marina Daoud is our in house medical aesthetic practitioner. With a keen eye for detail, she enjoys taking the time to find out what her clients’ needs are in order to produce beautiful results. Marina’s ethos is to help her clients look and feel their best by naturally restoring, enhancing and defining. Her approach is gentle, and above all, being a medical practitioner safety is always at the forefront of everything that she does. 


Dr Marina trained as a dentist at King’s College London and has been practising facial aesthetics since with the use of hyaluronic acid fillers and other wrinkle-reducing treatments. Marina has several years of experience having worked at clinics in London and the Ascot area. She continually updates her knowledge by undertaking training with some of the most prestigious academies in London. This helps her to ensure that the treatment she is providing is up to date, effective and in line with best practice. 


During your consultation Dr Marina will carry out a full face assessment and advise you on how best to achieve your desired results. Every treatment plan is bespoke and tailored to suit your individual needs and budget. 

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