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HYDRATE & REPLENISH £420  £109 • 30 to 45min


Replace lost fluid with this IV infusion, which contains essential electrolytes and fluids that may have been lost. Get that quick replenishment so you can kick start the day. The infusion contains essential micronutrients including Vitamin C, which is an important physiological antioxidant and also maintains the immune system.  

What it contains: 

Sodium chloride, Magnesium Sulphate, Calcium gluconate, Vitamin C, Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin B12 (Hydroxylcobalamine). 

ANTI VIRAL  £455  £169 • 30 to 45min

Remove the symptoms of a cold and flu with this powerful infusion full of anti-oxidants. Receive up to 10 times the nutrients in one infusion compared to oral treatment. The infusion includes micronutrients essential for the body including Zinc, which promotes wound healing, regulates immune function and is necessary for the processing of collagen. 


What it contains:

Sodium chloride, Magnesium Sulphate, Calcium gluconate, Vitamin C, Zinc, Selenium, Vitamin B12 (Hydroxylcobalamine).

ATHLETISM  £465  £187 • 30 to 45min

For people with an active or sporty lifestyle this IV Drip is packed with high concentrations of the energy-boosting B vitamins, plus powerful amino acids to improve your recovery times and power you to peak performance. Popular essential amino acids are found in this infusion including arginine and carnitine which plays a critical role in energy production, cell division, wound healing and removing ammonia from the body (Arginine). 


What it contains: 

Sodium chloride, Magnesium Sulphate, Calcium gluconate, Vitamin C, Carnitine, Glutamine, Argenine, Taurine, Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin B12 (Hydroxylcobalamine), Glutathione. 

STRESS RELIEF  £470  £185 • 30 to 45min

Designed to help relax the mind and body this drip combines the ultimate classic drip - for overall wellbeing - with a unique formula to support and enhance the mental faculties. High dose glutamine, taurine and carnitine have a positive impact on peace of mind, balance in stressful situations, and improved concentration. One amino acid, which helps with stress in this infusion, is phenylalanine, which is needed to make proteins and brain chemicals.


What it contains:

Sodium chloride, Magnesium Sulphate, Vitamin C, Carnitine, Glutamine, Ornithine, Phenylalanine, Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin B12 (Hydroxylcobalamine)

HAIR REJUVENATION  £490  £199 • 30 to 45min

Healthy hair requires plenty of Keratin and Collagen. By boosting amino acids involved in the production of keratin and collagen it’s possible to reduce hair loss and maximise hair regrowth. Packed with essential micronutrients to help health regeneration including methionine. Loss of methionine has been linked to senile greying of the hair. Its lack leads to a buildup of hydrogen peroxide in hair follicles, a reduction of tyrosinase effectiveness and a gradual loss of hair colour.


What it contains:

Sodium Chloride, Zinc, Vitamin C, Arginine, Lysine, Methionine, Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin B12 (Hydroxylcobalamine), Glutathione.


DIET & DETOX  £490  £199 • 30 to 45min

Our diet and detox drip combines a special blend of vitamins, minerals and amino acids to help you achieve your ideal body - by reducing toxic load and helping the body function effectively in order to remove stubborn body fat. This drip combines the best detoxifying nutrients with fat burning amino acids to help you look and feel great. It is important to get that right mix of vitamins and nutrients to achieve that optimum level required for your diet and detox programme. 

What it contains: 

Sodium chloride, Magnesium Sulphate, Calcium gluconate, Vitamin C, Zinc, Carnitine, Glutamine, Lysine, Choline, Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin B12 (Hydroxylcobalamine), Glutathione.

THE ENERGISER  £470  £189 • 30 to 45min

Our high-octane energy boosting drip is the ideal pick-me-up. With high doses of B Vitamins (essential for the body’s production and use of energy), magnesium (a critical component in the production of ATP, the main source of energy in cells) and energy-boosting amino acids, it’s perfect for boosting energy and wellbeing.


What it contains:

Sodium chloride, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B6, Adenocylcobalamine, Taurine, Argenine, Glycine, Carnetine.

SKIN LIGHTENING  £475  £189 • 30 to 45min


An infusion that will give you a brighter overall complexion of your skin. The main super ingredient in this infusion is Glutathione.

Glutathione inhibits the production of tyrosine, which is the enzyme responsible for the production of melanin (pigment) in our skin. Aside from cosmetically lightening the skin, glutathione is a natural antioxidant, which cleanses the liver and eliminates scavenging free radicals that contribute to a number of degenerative medical conditions. Powerful antioxidant in combination with vitamins, minerals and fluid, reduces melanin production and hydrates the skin. 


What it contains:

Sodium chloride, Vitamin C (high dose), Glutathione (high dose).






  Super anti-oxidant  £150  £59 • 5min

Glutathione intramuscular

Glutathione is the mother of all antioxidants. It contains an essential nutrient that prevents damage to important cellular components in your body. Glutathione is the secret to looking younger. It’s a master detoxifier and helps support the immune system.

  • Anti-aging benefits

  • Skin brightening

  • Strengthens hair and nails

  • Liver detoxifier


Fat burner  £150  £59 • 5min


Combined with four lipotropic agents that play a vital role in the body’s use of fat, this natural fat burner increases your metabolism, effectively curbs your appetite and boosts your body’s natural fat burning process by reducing the storage of fat in your body.

  • Increases your metabolism and energy

  • Reduces the storage of fat and acts as a natural fat burner


Vitamin B12 £150  £59


Feeling fatigued and exhausted despite the multiple cups of coffee and bottomless energy drinks? Just one injection of B-12 and you’ll enjoy a boost to your immune system, which results in an increase of energy and focus.

  • Improves mental clarity

  • Improves physical symptoms related to Anemia

  • Plays a key role in the normal functioning of the brain, nervous system and the formation of blood.​