Dr. Alex Zarneh


A Doctor of Medical Physics, a RPA Certified Laser Protection Officer and Head of Medical Physics

at Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust.


Dr. Alex’s clinical experience with laser includes both hospitals and clinic settings within London. Many clinics require his assistance

with the following items; registration of Private Cosmetics and Medical Clinics, and inspection & compliance

with CQC of Dental and Private Clinics.


Specifically within our clinics, Dr. Alex’s role is to monitor and supervise our systems and processes within the Laser Department.

Dr. Alex ensures that the Laser Department is operating to the highest clinical standards within the industry. He is also responsible for compliance with local Council Licensing. With regards to compliance, Dr. Alex ensures the following within our clinics; overseeing safe practices by qualified Laser Technicians abiding by the industry clinical safety guidelines, education (both practical and theory)

with all of our laser therapists, and ongoing environmental inspections.

All of these are to ensure that our clients have positive result in the safest way.

Edit Andras 



Edit, our on-site Registered Nurse is responsible for overseeing all our laser hair removal treatments. Edit has a wealth of clinical laser hair removal experience within the industry. Her main role is to ensure that all laser treatments are performed in the most effective way for superior results.  More specifically she carries out the following tasks; advises and consults clients’ expectations and/or concerns, deals with client medical issues and/or contra indications during treatments, monitors and supervises all of our laser technicians and ensures that all of our laser therapists carry-out treatments to the highest safety standards for optimum client results. She also is responsible for our client’s journey from start to end making sure it is a pleasant and pain free experience. 

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